About Us

PROLAB COSMETICS is a Brazilian company that manufactures hair cosmetics, skincare and feet care products, both for professional and retail channels. PROLAB elevates the the best of Brazilian natural extracts to bring unique formulas to life. PROLAB has an in-house R&D department capable of developing products that meet customers' needs and partners expectations. With 20 years of experience, PROLAB has served customers in 30+ countries.

The company was born in the year 2000 after its founders identified a lack of diversity, technology and product quality in the Brazilian cosmetics market. First, it created Nutrat, a pioneer professional brand dedicated to Afro hair types, and more recently, it launched AMZ Beauty, a young-progressive brand with digital DNA to follow the newest beauty and influencer-led trends. PROLAB has specialized in manufacturing mass and niche products that address the ever changing beauty market needs with its own brands or private label/contract manufacturing agreements.

For for information please email us: export@prolab.ind.br